NAAUD Supporting Best Practices

NAAUD promotes activities with its members and associates that concentrate on continuous improvement and best practices in four areas of the supply chain:

  1. Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
  2. Logistics and Delivery
  3. Training and Education – Knowledge
  4. Relationships and Collaboration

The intent is to enhance and perpetuate the value of distributors in their role of providing sales and distribution services for manufacturers and the utilities in North America.

NAAUD sponsored activities are aimed at expanding awareness and understanding for ways regional distributors can be used to provide services that deliver valued supply chain solutions.

In these activities the organization endorses the concept of “Collaborative Aggregation,” which recognizes that over the long term, consolidation and aggregation efforts cannot depend on price-focused leverage. The alternative is to concentrate on activities in the aforementioned areas that remove redundancies, consolidate effort and streamline processes in the entire supply chain. This approach requires close working, highly collaborative relationships between customers, members and associates that go far beyond price and quality of product.

To this end, members and associates are measured upon their contribution, participation, and support of NAAUD sponsored activities.

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