NAAUD Annual Meeting in Myrtle  Beach

Registration Opens January 2024


The North American Association of Utility Distributors (NAAUD) is comprised of select distributors who specialize in supplying products and supply chain services to the electric utility industry. The purpose of NAAUD is to discuss and promote the newest ideas and best concepts for the industry.

NAAUD’s primary focus is to promote higher business standards within the industry as well as better business methods for the utility supply chain.  By providing a supply network for responding to material needs during storm emergencies along with a medium to improve distributor and manufacturer skills through a national training program, NAAUD seeks to constantly strengthen the role and image of the distributor throughout the electric utility industry.

NAAUD was originally founded as the National Association of Utility Distributors (NAUD). The name was changed to the North American Association of Utility Distributors in March of 2002.

Serving North America’s Utility Distributors

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