The North American Association of Utility Distributors

The North American Association of Utility Distributors (NAAUD) is an association of leading regional electric utility distributors that:

  • Provides a supply network for responding to material needs during storm emergencies
  • Provides a medium to improve distributor, manufacturer and utility skills through NAAUD’s Professional Development Program in partnership with the Northwest Lineman College
  • Supports student research within the utility industry in collaboration with Texas A&M University’s Industrial Distribution Program
  • Provides a medium for one-on-one meetings between NAAUD members and manufacturers at annual meetings
  • Promotes higher business standards within the industry as well as better business methods for the utility supply chain

NAAUD is a member of the National Association of Wholesaler – Distributors, (NAW) which provides a voice in our nation’s capital and additional educational opportunities.

Our Misson Statement

The North American Association of Utility Distributors is an organization of select distributors and leading manufacturers that are committed to fostering collaboration, best practices and continuous improvement in the supply chain that serves utilities in North America.

NAAUD is best known for its organization of our annual One-on-One Meetings between distributors and manufacturers utilizing a time-specific matrix at NAAUD’s Annual Meeting.…


Professional Development

NAAUD facilitates an array of educational and professional development opportunities to help members and associates stay abreast of changing business needs and technological advances in the marketplace. Expertise is shared during annual meetings where members, associates and guest speakers communicate experiences, ideas and trends.

We are honored to partner with Northwest Lineman College & Texas A&M University

The North American Association of Utility Distributors | NAAUD Annual Meeting

April 18-21, 2022

Embassy Suites Downtown, Louisville, KY

This historic property dates back to 1907 and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.  The building housed Old Stewarts Merchandise Shop and remains one of the most beautiful preservations in Louisville.  You can still see the crown molding, Old Stewarts tile decals, original sky lights and dramatic pillars. Just across the street you had people like Al Capone and Gatsby stopping by for the night.


NAAUD Member Portal

NAAUD was originally founded as the National Association of Utility Distributors (NAUD). The name was changed to the North American Association of Utility Distributors in March of 2002.

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